The OTher Symposium

Symposium Layout

The OTher Symposium’s design is carefully constructed to promote engagement, experiential sharing, reflection and thinking about ways of doing and living across professions. It will thus aim to be intimate and interactive.

The main venue will be a collective gathering to witness and participate at various levels including taking in the dialogues, art pieces, experiential offerings etc.

The symposium has 3 Tracks:

    • Praxes– this tract forms a core experiential track that offers the experience of doing, and a rich unpacking post event
    • Intersections-improved health care collaboration has been cited as a key strategy for health care reform. This track looks to report on, foster and promote inter-professional, trans-professional and cross professional working relationships
    • Dialogues– will push the boundaries of the profession, expanding knowledge that confronts hegemonic dialogues through presentations that can take different forms such as podium presentations, panel discussions, roundtable session


  • One of our special features is: HUMANOOKs -a human “book” whom you can check out and listen to their story at the OTher Symposium.


  • WORLD CAFE METHODworldcafe

    We are using the World Café method at the OTher symposium as one of our tracks. This method will promote “a living network of collaborative dialogue around questions that matter in service to real work.” We can’t wait to have you seated around the table…we’ll bring the coffee/tea, you bring your experience, heart and ears.

The foyer near the entrance of the main venue will be host to alternating exhibitors that the attendees can browse during tea and lunch breaks.