The OTher Symposium

Welcome to the webpage for the OTher Symposium!

Please feel free to browse and see what this wonderful event will be offering! We would also love to hear your thoughts and comments 🙂


  1. guess who...

    I am looking forward to the symposium- will i have an opportunity to talk with the presenters outside of the formal sessions- Jennifer Creek and Frank Kronenberg?

    1. Jennifer Creek

      Whoever you are, please talk with me!

  2. your hosts

    Dear Delegate
    Yes certainly there will be time, we have created a programme and space that particularly disrupts barriers.
    Notify us at our registration table and we will engender an introduction.

    we are looking forward to meeting you

  3. Lulu

    are Speech therapist and Audiologist welcome?

    1. Your hosts

      Of course! We encourage interprofessional networking 🙂

    2. Chantal Christopher

      yes, 100%


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